My Jimi Hendrix autograph

In September 1967, I was about 17 years old, and with the class from my Cuxhaven high school we made an excursion to Berlin. During that time, the "International Radio Exhibition" also took place. Jimi Hendrix made an appearance on German TV. In the evening, my classmates and I went to the West Berlin party district and ended up in one of Rolf Eden's discotheque places - I think it was the "Eden Playboy Club". There I saw Jimi Hendrix sitting alone at a table. I asked him for an autograph and he mumbled, like, he needs "...something to write...". I raced to the DJ (a certain "Pedro") and asked him if I could use one of his photos and a pen. Then Jimi put his signature on the rear side of it, and later that night, Rolf Eden did the same. Almost 50 years later, I still treasure that memory.

More info here (in German).

IED, 14 Apr 2016