Partial Solar Eclipse of March 20th 2015

The partial solar eclipse on March 20th 2015 has been observed in Humain by the 6-m dish radio telescope connected to a e-Callisto receiver. The instrument has recorded the solar flux as the Moon passes in front of the Sun.

In the mean time, another instrument, measuring the sky luminosity in visible light, has also detected a drop of a few percent during that event. This instrument is used by astronomers from ROB to assess the opportunity to observe on certain days, at night.

X1.0 flare of October 28 2021


NOAA AR region 2887 produced a X1.0 flare on October 28 2021, peaking at 15:35 UT. It was associated with a large coronal wave, a halo CME and a proton event. More information can be found in this STCE news item.

This eruptive event was observed at the very end of the normal observing window, when the 6-m radio telescope stops tracking the Sun and waits for about 30 min before going back to a "parking" position, at the local south.

Koentest video


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