A software package for 'Novel EIT wave Machine Observing'
On-Disk Eruption Measure Tool

    Olena Podladchikova & David Berghmans


NEMO forms one block of the Space Weather software package together with CACTus (the CME detector which works from coronograph data). The new generation of various on-disk CME precursors often weak on the level of general background, discovered recently by the SOHO/NASA mission, make high demands on their recognition methods. NEMO consists of a series of high level image processing techniques especially developed to extract eruptive features from the EUV solar disk under complex solar conditions. This technique is based on the general statistical properties and underlying physics of eruptive on-disk events. More.

At present NEMO is mainly focused to extract various "EIT waves" (quantified as blast waves by NEMO) and dimmings (only those that are observed during eruptions) and is adapted to work autonomously on level zero EIT telescope data. The detection errors on real-time quick look data introduced by the recently increased noise to signal ratio of the EIT telescope are presently roughly eliminated. Particularly important is NEMO’s capacity, in the latest version, to extract patterns from a noisy background larger than extracted signal.

NEMO was created for feature extraction from the SECCHI telescope on-board the Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory (STEREO) and will be adapted to that as soon as the first data will appear (January 2007). Currently two projects concerning a) real time SOHO detections and b) scans of earlier EIT/SOHO data are under way and available on-line.

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        Latest Upgrade: The Exact Event Location Computation (01/01/2007)


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Last Modified: 2007, January 29 - Elena Podladchikova NEMO is supported by BELSPO through ESA/PRODEX funding  for the NASA STEREO MISSION