Humain Radioastronomy Station

Royal Observatory of Belgium

Meet the team

The Humain re-development is part of a STCE work package written by Frédéric Clette, concerning ground-based observations of the Sun (optical and radio). Christophe Marqué is in charge of the radio part of this work package. Jean-Luc Dufond, Aydin Ergen and until recently, Ghislain Rigo, have been working on all technical aspects of this project. Bram Bourgoignie has designed the automated control software of the telescope. Antonio Martinez Picar currently performs modelling and calibration of the antenna and is developping a new instrument.

Jasmina Magdalenic is contributing through her research activities to the scientific exploitation of the solar data collected at Humain.

Last update : October 29 2021
Project funded by the Solar Terrestrial Center of Excellence (STCE). Contact: Christophe Marqué

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