List of bursts - 2020-07-04

This is an experimental product based on Callisto observations. It detects bursts, but is not yet able to classify them. Bursts are given a quality index, which gives an idea of their nature and/or intensity: 0 means weak burst or non solar emission, 1 to 3 means solar burst of increasing intensities (1:small, 2:medium, 3: strong).

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DateStart timeEnd timeQualityPNGFITS
2020-07-0404:55:2204:55:253PNG fileFITS file
2020-07-0405:01:1605:01:253PNG fileFITS file
2020-07-0406:03:4606:03:492PNG fileFITS file
2020-07-0407:21:3207:21:443PNG fileFITS file
2020-07-0407:48:2707:48:303PNG fileFITS file
2020-07-0407:52:4607:52:543PNG fileFITS file
2020-07-0408:00:1408:00:183PNG fileFITS file
2020-07-0408:01:1308:01:193PNG fileFITS file
2020-07-0408:04:2908:04:353PNG fileFITS file
2020-07-0408:07:1208:07:183PNG fileFITS file
2020-07-0408:15:3308:15:373PNG fileFITS file
2020-07-0408:28:2108:28:253PNG fileFITS file
2020-07-0408:30:2308:30:323PNG fileFITS file
2020-07-0408:33:4308:33:543PNG fileFITS file
2020-07-0408:35:2008:35:263PNG fileFITS file
2020-07-0408:50:0408:50:103PNG fileFITS file
2020-07-0408:51:4308:51:453PNG fileFITS file
2020-07-0409:05:5509:05:573PNG fileFITS file
2020-07-0409:06:1209:06:173PNG fileFITS file
2020-07-0410:19:3210:19:373PNG fileFITS file

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