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2nd of July 2019


This project (ESA-BOLD #19947/06/NLPM) involves a subset of the BOLD consortium, but represents a collaboration between the Belgian and French BOLD partners (IMEC, CRHEA, ROB, ESA) needed for the technological evaluation of a focal-plane array demonstrator with the goal of developing new solar-blind APS detectors using wide-bandgap materials.

The purpose of this activity (ended in 2011) was to demonstrate the suitability of the Nitride-based wide-bandgap detector technology for the Solar Orbiter in order to have a solid detector base-line for its EUV instruments. To this end, an advanced technology demonstrator as a fully hybridized / integrated 2-D array of sizeable dimensions (≥ 256 x 256) and small pixel pitch (10µm) has been manufactured and characterized

We present first measurement results from hybrid AlGaN-on-Si-based Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) imagers with 10 µm pixel-to-pixel pitch. 256x256 backside illuminated Focal Plane Arrays (FPAs) were hybridized to dedicated Si-based CMOS Readouts (ROICs).

AlGaN Schottky photodiodes (courtesy of IMEC)
Micrograph of the In bumps deposited on contact pads
Schematic of an AlGaN-on-Si-based hybrid imager (not to scale)
AlGaN imager